Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

Conservation sub group meeting

Conservation Sub Group Meeting

Conservation Sub Group Meeting 3rd February 2011

The Conservation sub group met on the 3rd Feb at ZSL London to review progress on the eel habitat model that will be part of the process in identifying priorities for the unblocking of eel migratory pathways, habitat restoration and restocking.

Nearest the camera and working clockwise


Perri representing the EA Eel Champions

Alistair Maltby from ART the project Leader

Alan Walker from CEFAS also UK ICES EIFAC Member

Andrew Kerr from SEG (missing taken the photograph)

ART the Model Builder

Polly Couldrick from ART the information Collector

Miran Aphrahamin from EA also UK ICES EIFAC member

Peter Wood from UK Glass Eel - Eel expert and Fish Vet

Brian Knight retired fishery scientist and leading eel expert

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