Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

Country Coordinators

We are a Europe wide conservation and science led organisation working with partner bodies and individuals to accelerate the eels recovery. The SEG newsletter is sent to over a thousand eel enthusiasts across Europe.

Below is a list of national and international Sustainable Eel Group programmes

SEG Scotland FlagSEG Scotland

SEG Latvia FlagSEG Latvia

SEG Slovenia FlagSEG Slovenia

SEG Algeria FlagSEG Algeria

SEG Tunisia FlagSEG Tunisia

SEG Northern Ireland FlagSEG Northern Ireland

SEG Morocco FlagSEG Morocco

SEG Canada FlagSEG Canada

SEG Bulgaria FlagSEG Bulgaria

SEG Albania FlagSEG Albania

SEG Portugal FlagSEG Portugal

SEG Greece FlagSEG Greece

SEG Spain FlagSEG Spain

SEG France FlagSEG France

SEG Germany FlagSEG Germany

SEG The Netherlands FlagSEG The Netherlands

SEG Denmark FlagSEG Denmark


SEG Eire FlagSEG Eire

SEG Sweden FlagSEG Sweden

SEG Poland FlagSEG Poland

SEG Belgium FlagSEG Belgium

SEG Italy FlagSEG Italy

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