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Membership of the Sustainable Eel Group

SEG as an organisation has developed rapidly and is of sufficient size when clarity and management of the membership is needed. The scale and complexity is also now creating a need for more effective communication between the 100’s of people in different countries and even continents who have become an important part of SEG. So far the only criterion for membership has been a verbal understanding that the person supports the vision statements (see below). Some of the founding and leading organisations have also made donations to show commitment.

These affairs need regularising in the interests of clarity and to minimise the risks of any future misunderstandings.

Individual Membership
An individual may join for a small annual subscription as recommended by the Board and confirmed at the AGM. (Minimum Annual subscription £20 pa).

Company Membership
A company may join for an annual subscription as recommended by the Board and confirmed at the AGM. (Minimum Annual subscription £1000 pa).

Partner or Associate Members
This category deliberately identifies partner NGO organisations like the Fishmongers Company, Rivers Trust, Wildlife Trusts and ZSL in the UK and further afield Wetlands International or Tour Du Valat,  whose contribution continue with both cash and kind. It would also include non NGO supporters like the Environment Agency in the UK.

Life Membership
A non paying life membership may be awarded to an individual in recognition of outstanding contribution to eel sustainability.

Membership Secretary
The task of managing the administration of the membership will be with the membership secretary and will be appointed by the Board. The membership secretary will arrange to collect subscriptions and the vision statement will be part of this document. Non payment after one reminder will be regarded as a withdrawal from SEG. The secretary may recommend to the board other management actions for consideration. Non Member organisation will pay the subscription upon successful certification to the SEG Standards where as a member will have already made their annual subscription.

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