Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

UK’s Most Active Members and Advisors

SEG are the eel experts


Bendall, Barry - Director with the Rivers Trust
Bostock, Tony - Director Severn Rivers Trust
Bunt, DavidEA Technical Manager, IFM Council and SEG Eel Standard Panel Chair
Coulson, Paul - Environment Agency & IFM
Don, Andy - EA Technical lead on Barrier solutions for Eel
Gollock, Matt - Marine Team of ZSL, IUCN lead for eels
Hart, Matt - Environment Agency
James, Martin - Environment Agency
Jones, Julian - Wildlife Trust lead on Eels
Kerr, Andrew - SEG Chairman, formerly Chairman South West Wildlife Trust
Leftwich, Chris - Fishmongers Company, manages the SEG Kite mark for sustainable eel product
Maltby, Alistair - Director with the Rivers Trust
Nightingale, Jen - UK Conservation Manager, Bristol Conservation and Science
Stone, Heidi - Fisheries Policy Manager EA
Taylor, Ayesha - Environment Agency
West, Scott - Devon Wildlife Trust



Aprahamian, Miran - Environment Agency lead on eels and ICES EIFAC member
Evans, Derek - Eel Scientist with AFBNI and ICES EIFAC member
Knights, Brian - Retired Eel Scientist, author, KCL Lecturer
Pawson, Mike - Retired Eel scientist from CEFAS and formerly ICES EIFAC
Rosell, Robert - Eel Scientist with AFBNI and ICES EIFAC member
Walker, Alan - Eel Scientist with CEFAS and ICES EIFAC member



Castle, Roger - Yellow and Silver Eel Fisherman, carrying out research for EA
Cook, Richard - Leader of Eel in the Classroom programme , MD Severn and Wye Smokery
Hillier, Gary - Eel Fisherman’s Association
Newsinger, Peter - Eeline Aquatrading
Rozendaal, Corine - Dutch Eel Company
Wood, Peter - Retired Veterinary Officer and eel specialist, MD UKGE

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