Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

About SEG

The Sustainable Eel Group (SEG) was formed to take action to support the recovery of the European Eel and emerged from the very successful Bridgewater conference on the eel organised and run jointly by the Institute of Fisheries Management and the Environment Agency. Many of the speakers from the conference, drawn from the leaders of the Scientific, Conservation, Policy, and Commercial sectors, gathered at Fishmongers Hall in December 2009 and made the commitment to work together around a shared vision of the eels return to abundance and so SEG was formed. Today SEG memberships are drawn from across Europe.

Our aim:

Healthy eel populations, distributed throughout their natural range fulfilling their role in the aquatic environment and capable of supporting sustainable exploitation for the benefit of local economies.

Our purpose:

To be the respected partnership that enables and promotes the joined up conservation and management of the eel in the UK and Europe, linking all interests in an open and effective process.

Our objectives:

  • To help deliver the objectives of the EU Eel Regulation
  • To develop, decipher and apply sound science to inform effective decision making
  • To influence policy makers at UK and European levels
  • To encourage well regulated and sustainable fisheries that support local economies and communities
  • To promote greater public understanding of the eel
  • To be effective at seeking income and resources to progress the aims of the group


The eels return to abundance

  • For all River Basin Districts to be compliant with EU Regulation
  • For the eel to form a viable component of the aquatic communities
  • For healthy and sustainable fisheries

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

SEG has adopted and works to the United Nations Brundtland Definition. This slide is taken from the Chairman’s presentation to the Venice Conference. The issue of eel sustainability is further examined in the introduction to the Sustainable Eel Standard.

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