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Andrew Kerr -
Andrew Kerr's background is in management consultancy where he specialises in the development of people.  He is a champion of practical conservation and is a past Chairman of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the South West Wildlife Trust.  He believes that SEG can make a difference for the eel and that the sometimes competing interests of conservation, the commercial and the community can be successfully reconciled.
Matthew Gollock-
David Bunt -
Miran Aprahamian-
Matthew has been working in the field of fish biology and conservation for 12 years.   He gained his doctorate studying the effects of the parasite Anguillicoloides crassus on the physiology of European eels.  He is presently part of the management team of the Marine and Freshwater Conservation Programme at ZSL, and part of his role is to manage the Thames elver monitoring project.
David Bunt has qualifications BSc in Environmental Biology, MSc in Aquatic Resource Management, Chartered Environmentalist and is a Fellow of the Institute of Fisheries Management. His career has been in a variety of positions in Fisheries and Environmental Management. From Welsh Water Authority in 1987, to the National Rivers Authority and now the Environment Agency. He has been a member of the Institute of Fisheries Management since 1985. And is currently Vice-Chairman, member of Council and the Executive Committee and am Chairman of the Training Committee. As a member of the IFM ( , David is passionate about, and committed to, the advancement of sustainable fisheries management. He hopes that SEG's efforts will result in healthy eel populations that support other wildlife, sustain commercial fisheries, support local communities, provide a source of food and give pleasure to anglers.
Miran is a fisheries scientist with the Environment Agency, he provides technical advice on eel as well as on other diadromous fish and non-migratory salmonids. Miran is a member of the ICES / EIFAC Eel Working Group. His interested in eel started through commercial fishing and then through research where he investigated the population dynamics of eel in the Severn. He would like to see stakeholders and interested parties working together towards the recovery of eel.