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Contact us
Robert Rosell
Scientist Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute,  N Ire
Vin Fleming
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Maldwin Drummond
Fishmongers’ Company
Julian Jones
Wildlife Trusts
Fisheries Scientist, Author and
Former chairman of EIFAC and ICES eel working groups
Peter Neusinger
Glass Eel Fisherman/Buyer, Eeline Aquatrading UK Ltd
Morgens Mathiasen
Royal Danish Seafood
Tom Fort
Author and council member of Salmon and Trout association
Derek Evans
Scientist Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute, N Ire
Scientist Salmon & Trout Association
Andrew Wallace
Association of  Salmon Fisheries Boards
Rivers and Fisheries Trusts (RAFTS) Scotland
Pat Close
Lough Neagh Fisherman's Co-operative
Joost Blom
Arne Koops
Deutscher Fischerei Verband Aalversandstelle
Marc Vlug,Jac Tijsen
Morten Lauritzen
Jupiter Eel
Dominic Gomes and Frederic Rembert
Gironde Fishermen’s Co-operative
Catherine Remy
Gironde Fishermen’s Co-operative
Richard Fordham
Industry Park of Sweden
Duurzame Palingsector Nederland  
Independent (Management Consultant)
Management Institute of Fisheries Management (Training Chairman)
Independent (Fisheries Scientist)
Environment Agency Policy Manager for the Eel
Environment Agency
Environment Agency
Paul Knight
Director of Salmon & Trout Association
Zoological Society, Secretary for the Eel Conservation Group
Roger Castle
Silver Eel Fisherman
Trevor Perfect
Managing Director of UK Glass Eels
Barbara Franchescinis
Alan Walker
Keith Wilson
London Port Authority
Fishmongers Company
Association of Rivers Trusts
Laky Zervudachi
Direct Seafoods
Carl Cecil
Heather Webb
Apem Ltd
William Swinkels
Herman Wanningen
Wanningen Water Consult
Jo Gascoigne
Independent Fisheries Scientist and MSC assessor
John Van Dooren
Trouw Nutrition
Richard Cook
Managing Director of Severn and Wye Smokery