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Christopher -
Christopher Moriarty entered the Irish government fisheries service in 1959 and began his life-long study of the eel.  His pioneering studies on the ecology of the species led to the award of his PhD in 1972 and were the basis of his book The Eel published by David and Charles in 1978.  His research has been published in all the leading international fisheries journals and has been an invited speaker to the Fisheries Societies of America, Japan and Poland and to the Institute of Fisheries Management.
When the European Inland Fisheries Commission (EIFAC) set up a working party on eel, he was appointed first Rapporteur and subsequently Chairman.  During this period he led the move to a union of the EIFAC working party with the eel group of the International council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).  During the EIFAC years he was responsible for the collation of the data on glass eel, revealing the decline of recruitment which is the root cause of current concerns.  He relinquished his position as Chair of the joint group on his appointment as Chairman of EIFAC.
Alistair Maltby -
Alistair Maltby is a Director for the Association of Rivers Trusts, providing support to Rivers Trusts and community-led river and fisheries restoration initiatives in the North of England and Northern Ireland. Alistair has worked for the Rivers Trust movement since 1997 in both rural and urban settings but has also worked in aquaculture, as a DEFRA Fish Health Inspector and in commercial fishing. Alistair is a Fellow of the Institute of Fisheries Management, and a Chartered member of the Society for the Environment.
Janina Gray is Head of Science for Salmon &Trout Association (S&TA), a fisheries charity working on all issues affecting the health of our native fish populations and the surrounding environment, including abstraction, sedimentation and hydropower.  Janina has a 1st class honours degree in Marine and Freshwater biology from Queen Mary, University of London, and a Masters, with distinction, in Aquatic Resource Management from Kings College, University of London. She currently is studying for a part-time PhD, supported by the S&TA, with Prof Petts at the University of Westminster. The PhD is investigating the impact of flow regimes variationson salmonid population dynamics, with the aim to help better inform river flow management for salmonids. Prior to S&TA, she worked on coral reef
conservation in Fiji and the Caribbean, shark conservation in the Bahamas, and intertidal habitat restoration for fish, with the Environment Agency, on the Thames.
Janina Gray -