Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

Ellie meets the Elvermen - BBC Countryfile looks at eel sustainability

The importance of sustainable eel practices was discussed in depth on the BBC’s flagship Countryfile show this week.


Presenter Ellie Harrison joined elvermen, the Environment Agency, Peter Wood of UK Glass Eels, and SEG Chairman Andrew Kerr on the banks of the River Severn to discuss the eel’s incredible migration and to learn about the work underway to help them overcome barriers.


A long time resident of Gloucestershire, Ellie seemed fascinated as she saw the elvermen using tradional nets the riverbank, the care and sophistication of the eel station, and the clever designs of the eel passes installed by Severn Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency.

Andrew Kerr explained the importance of all those with ‘eel blood’ working together to help the eel return to abundance.


The eel film can be seen here and starts 43 mins into the show



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